4.1 Equilibrium expression

This section we look at how to name chemical compounds. We start off by looking at ionic compounds and then move into covalent compounds.

We provide you with coloured flash cards you can use to review, learn and memorize the common polyatomic ions in the course.

You will be able to add to these flash cards within this module and others as we will provide you with cards to learn essential content and key practical skills and results. All in colour so that it will aid your memory recall. If you can see it, then you will more likely be able to recall it.

You will also have worksaheets that help you drill down into the content and by completing these, you will become very skilled at naming ionic and covalent compounds with ease as well as writing their formula. Having these skills down is essential when you need to start write and then balancing chemical eqations.

See you in the videos!

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