13.1 Study Cards

You learn best when you combine many types of stimuli in a structured way.

  • 'In the Lab Series' enhances your understanding of the concepts in the course from the perspective of real life lab examples. Learn to apply the concepts you have learned and know what to expect when you walk in the lab.
  • 'Sudy Skills Series' takes you through many types of study techniques used by the most sucessful students. Don't rely on the same way of learning new material. This series examines the theory behind learning and gives you lots of tips and tricks to help you lean material.
  • High Quality, professionally printed lab/study Manual (Discount for course purchasers)
  • 'The 'Student Store' is a way to earn money AND help others learn Chemistry. Many people buy ATAR notes, so why not share your resources (Flash cards, studey notes, etc) with eachother and earn money at the same time. You create a course and set a reasonable price. The better quality and less checking/corrections needed = more sales and money for you.

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