Study Cards and Flash Card Sets Sample

What's the difference between Study Cards and Flash Cards?

  • Study cards: contain the main key content and can be used to revise the material. Think of these as a summary of the key ideas / concepts in the course. Use these along with your class notes to learn the material and then review it quickly. Reading the cvards should cause information to come cascading out of your head.

Here are some study cards for mixtures and separation techniques. They can be purchased separately ($5 per module or $10 for all modules). Please see the separate course information.

LOTS of cards that are highly visual. eg Module 1 card set has 75 cards!

  • Flash Cartds: contain cards that help you test your knowledge through questions, see & recall, drawing tasks, teach & explain activities etc

They are made to ensure that you test your understanding of the course from many different angles. Gone are the days of just reading over your notes, study cards....... to really test your understandiong you need to answer questions, draw chemical structures, balance equations,

Matter, Mixtures and separation study cards.pdf