2.1 Overview

Welcome to your journey into becoming a 'Jedi' chemistry Master!

Like every journey there must be a beginning to give you the foundations of knowledge on which to attatch new material that is harder and more challenging.

This section revises the material you learned in junior school and then gives you more specific knowledge on them. You may fall into a trap and say 'I know this', but beware, we build on concepts in a depper way and use more higher order terminology and applications than you may have experienced before.

We explore separation techniques and relate those to physical properties of elements and examine multi-step separations where you need to problem solve solutions. We delve deeper into a more realistic model of atomic structure than you have learnt before and how more sophisticated models allow better explanation of element and compound behaviours.

We recall and go further into the world of radioactivity, isotopes and wet our taste buds on how we can get a better understanding of the Periodic Table of the Elements and how we can use this resource to make predictions.

Let's go!