1.2 How is this course different from what's on YouTube?

YouTube is great, but lt has its limitations. I have found for teaching materials for students it can have the following limitations:

1) It is NOT specific to your needs.

  • Becuase the videos are made for many students all over the world, the content can either be lacking or too deep into concepts and students may be learning material they don't need.

2) You WASTE valubale time seaching for material rather than time spent studying / learning.

3) My videos on YouTube

  • You get more videos here in the course compared to the videos on YouTube
  • Here you get downloadable worksheets, quizzes, revision tests, discounts for printed lab manual and more.
  • The course here provides immediate quiz opportunities to check your understanding.
  • LIVE monthly Webinar access to give you more help with Chemistry that is specific and therefore it becomes INTERACTIVE learning NOT PASSIVE learning!