Imagine getting highly visual, engaging help for your child when they ask the following:

  • I don't understand ......... in science
  • How do I draw a graph?
  • How do I write chemical formulae?
  • How do I study?

Let's reduce the confusion of HW

Having the ability to learn at your own pace, in your own time and in your own home makes a difference.

Close up videos of science experiments, crazy demonstrations are used along with vector graphics to make concepts easy to understand.

You don't have the time to ask questions in class or get detailed and highly visual answers many times in the busy time in class, BUT now you can with these videos and worksheets.

The courses cover 4 years of science content in the main areas of science (100's of videos) which are constantly being added improved and modified to improve worksheets, video questions / answers & subject content.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does this compare to personal tuition?

a) It is SOOO much cheaper as you get 100's of videos, lots of questions, worksheets and practical videos for the cost of 4 weeks of tuition!

Can I share my log in details with friends?

Unfortunately No. Each family needs to pay for their own access. This helps support me to repay the costs of equipment, chemicals, camera, software, time designing, filming, editing and paying for lights, computer, etc.......