HSC Module 5 Chemistry: Equilibrium and Acid Reactions

Essential knowledge to Master Module 5 Chemistry

What is the Flipped Teacher all about?


This course is in production and will be updated during term 4 2020.

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The complete learning course to Master your Chemistry. Imagine having the following at your fingertips 24/7

  • Over 50 videos (~10.5 hours) of essential content
  • Worksheets, Revision quizzes that you can download and print
  • 15 FREE study cards from our Study Pack
  • Study tip videos
  • and more


24-7 learning. Your time, Your Way!

Essential content videos

These videos are similar to the FREE ones on YouTube but go much further. they are more specific, have 75 more than those on Youtube and are linked to the Study Cards, worksheets, and more.

These videos have been designed to give you content needed to get an understanding of the KEY ideas in

chemistry. No longer get confused, BUT if you do get stuck, then attend one of the LIVE webinars to get it sorted out!

Don't have that feeling of leaving your classroom not understanding. By watching these videos before class, you will enter with greater confidence, be able to ask intelligent questions, help others and walk outof the class feeling like a master. Your confidence will soar and so will your grades.


More than just videos!


  • We have made very detailed coloured and highly visual study cards to guide your learning. Although these cards are a separate purchase for the whole set (~100 cards each Module), we give you 15 FREE cards in each module course.These cards are great to use in your study routine, with friends or just before a test