HSC Module 5 Chemistry: Equilibrium and Acid Reactions

Essential knowledge to Master Module 5 Chemistry


he complete learning course to Master your Chemistry. Imagine having the following at your fingertips 24/7

  • 68 content videos (~11 hours) of essential content
  • 15 FREE study cards from our Study Pack
  • 11 videos on study techniques (1.5 hr)
  • Posters of concepts for your room to help you remember
  • and more

LOTS of course content videos!

These videos dissect the syllabus and drill down into the essential content. They explore the syllabus from a problem solving approach and focus on giving you a visual understanding of the course and incorporate activities and practicals that are done in a physics lab using chemistry equipment

I use the active recall technique during the videos to constantly link past concepts to the new ones being taught and make links between concepts rather than just giving you new information.

You can watch these over again before tests at school and stop them to ensure you get all the material down. No longer, will you have blanks in your book as you can take detailed notes (especially if you watch the videos on how to take active notes using the Traffic light technique from the study video section)


24-7 learning. Your time, Your Way!


More than just videos!


  • We have made very detailed coloured and highly visual study cards to guide your learning. Although these cards are a separate purchase for the whole set (~100 cards each Module), we give you 15 FREE cards in each module course.These cards are great to use in your study routine, with friends or just before a test.
  • 100 coloured visual cards on KEY content
  • Linked to videos in cours
  • Use them individually or in a group revision session
  • Download them in PDF or there is an option (coming soon) to get professionally printed card decks