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Why you should use our videos?

See a small example of what our videos provide that we believe push into new dimensions in learning. They can be used in a multitude of ways:

- as part of a Flipped Teaching methodology

- as homework or pre-work activities

They incorporate a combination of the classical in-class experiences (teacher -student relationships, demonstrations and practical experiences) along with high quality graphics to teach, revise essential content and skills in junior and senior science subjects.

Like all good teachers who constantly reflect on their practise and make changes, we too are constantly updating the videos and incorporating new ideas into the videos.

Please check out the samples below to see how we are different and can offer our services / videos to update your current learning management systems to incorporate our videos.

If you are interested in partnering with us to improve student achievement, then please contact Darin Carr at [email protected]

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Darin Carr
Darin Carr

My name is Darin and I have been teaching Science for 25 years. As a full time teacher, I have extensive experience in teaching senior classes in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. In addition, my 10 years experience at being The Crazy Scientist has enabled me to purchase amazing, unique science equipment to do demonstrations both within my own classroom but also during stage shows at museums, libraries, OOSH centres within NSW and around Australia.

I have been Flipping my senior and junior classes for 6 years and has international experience at presenting differentiated learning methodologies at various conferences in the US and here in Australia at Brisbane RESCON.

Using all of the above, I look forward to you joiuning my digital clasroom to help you improve your knowledge and love of learning.