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Helping you to your Tirals during COVID lockdown

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This course has been created for students in 2021 who are studying for their Trials under COVID lockdown conditions. I have put all HSC Physics Modules together as a single course which you get FREE access for 4 weeks until your trials.

Hopefully you find the videos helpful and continue to stay in my digital classroom until your HSC exams in Nov for the price of a meal deal each week!

The subscription is SOOOOO much cheaper than weekly tuition and you get practical aspects, study videos and more.

So, see you in the course videos

Cheers and stay safe.


Your Instructor

Darin Carr
Darin Carr

Darin has been teaching for 25 years. He has extensive experience in teaching senior classes in Physics, Chemistry and Biology as well as presenting Science workshops and shows to primary audiences around Australia.

He has been Flipping his senior and junior classes for 5 years and has international experience at presenting differentiated learning methodologies at various conferences in the US and here in Australia at Brisbane RESCON.

Course Curriculum

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Courses Included with Purchase

HSC Module 8 Chemistry: Applying Chemical Ideas
Essential knowledge to Master Module 8 Chemistry
Darin Carr
HSC Module 7 Chemistry: Organic Chemistry
Essential knowledge to Master Module 7 Chemistry
Darin Carr
HSC Module 6 Chemistry: Acid and Base Reactions
Essential knowledge to Master Module 6 Chemistry
Darin Carr
HSC Module 5 Chemistry: Equilibrium and Acid Reactions
Essential knowledge to Master Module 5 Chemistry
Darin Carr

Original Price: $120

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
This course will finish at the end of your 2021 HSC if you become a subscriber OR it will end after the FREE trial period. We hope you stick around!
Can I share my access with my friends or online?
Well, would you like to go to work and work for FREE? Not really.... so if you share your code that's what happens to me. So, I hope you appreciate the 1000's of dollars, time spent filming, graphic design etc and effort to make great resources to help you and would want to support me with subscription. I am a teacher and go that extra mile so I would appreciate your support. Thanks
What if I have a question?
Please get in touch. I will answer what I can and even looking into making future Zoom sessions.

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